Store Policy

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At Anaghtara, we want to give our customers the most enjoyable shopping experience, one that will keep them coming back to our store time and time again. That’s why we believe that our store policies should be fair, clear and transparent. Below you’ll find a list of all our policies. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for - please don’t hesitate to contact us today!


Shipping and Delivery

What You Need to Know

Anaghtara aims to ship the product within 2 working days after receiving the order and try and deliver them within a week with complete transparency.

Our Exchange and Return Policy

Everything You Need to Know

Anaghtara offers 7 days return policy with a condition that says, the products must be returned unused and unharmed with a proper tag attached. However, return products without tags and intact packaging will not be accepted and hence the product will be returned to the customer without any refund. The refund will be done online via NEFT within 15 working days from the date of receipt of the cancellation order.

A customer can return the product under the following conditions:

  • If the products delivered turns out to be damaged and,

  • If the customer desires to exchange the product against another product of the same price only if the product is in stock.


To return or cancel email us on with the product code, Product images, and order number within 24 hours from the time order is placed mentioning the reason for exchange or return

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Privacy Policy

Your Data is Secure

Anaghtara values its users' privacy and is committed to preserving it in all ways. The information collected by Anaghtara about the user is based on information provided by users. By using Anaghtara’s website and Products, you agree to the collection, storage, and use of your personal information, as well as any modifications you provide for any of the products we provide. Any information provided by the user during registration and login, such as email address, age, name, or password for login to the website, will be stored and protected. The information provided by the user will be used to provide a pleasant experience for the user and will not be deemed sensitive. To prevent unauthorized access to, disclosure, or destruction of data, Anaghtara employs adequate security measures. All information collected on Anaghtara is safely saved in an Anaghtara controlled database on a password-protected server with strong access controls.